Click to download the app now

Open the app and re-register as a new user with your new number and valid email.

Be sure to have your location services turned on  and Wi-Fi activated.
Oh and make sure that you have updated your smartphone software to the latest version.

This how we identify you. You set your password to prevent anyone else using your account. When you get a ‘handshake’ from the driver your number appears on the drivers screen and the driver’s information (photo, driver license, cab number and cell number) will appear on your screen. Both parties can communicate with each other by a simple push of the call button on your screen.

This information is retained for the next time that you use the app. You can change it at any time.

Once you hit the confirm button the app will find the closest cab that meets your needs.

If for some reason you need to cancel your ride after you have received a ‘handshake’ from the driver you can cancel without being charged a penalty. You have 2 minutes to cancel. Cancelling after the 2 minute period will result in a $3.00 penalty that will be paid to the driver as compensation for his/her time.

You pay the driver the same way that you normally would either with cash or your credit card. If you chose to tip the driver you may do so with cash or add the gratuity to your credit card transaction.

There is no cost for a passenger to use the app. We do not ask for your credit card information.

TaxiASAP only uses properly licensed and insured drivers who work for a local cab company. The app simply pairs passengers with nearby drivers. There are NO gypsy drivers. The cab company has run a thorough background check before hiring the driver and they must possess a license issued by the local municipality.

We suggest that you watch the fares video for an overview of the app.

You can register via the app but it is easier to use a computer. We require a copies of your driver license, city permit and the photo that you want to show on passenger’s phone to ID you so that they get you as a driver and not someone else. The passenger’s phone will show them your location and phone number, the photo ID is one more enhancement to reduce your exposure to getting ‘scooped.’

At TaxiASAP we only partner with licensed cab drivers. If you are interested in getting more information, please contact us at

We are happy to answer any questions you have via email or over the phone. First we suggest that watch the driver video for an overview of how the app works.

Please contact us at or (727) 350-2000

You get paid exactly as you do without the app. If you use a credit card reader now it will function just as it always has. If you collect cash that is yours. When you update your criteria you can choose cash, credit or cash/credit. By being flexible in what payment method you accept it will increase the number of rides from which you may choose.

No you download the app to your personal phone, this allows you to still take your personal phone requests
in addition to booking fares through the app.

Since we are just beginning to roll out the app here in Key West we want your input either via email or call us at (727) 350-2000.