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How Does This App Benefit My Company?

At TaxiASAP we are excited to offer a product which operates within the established structure of legally licensed and properly insured taxi cabs. It’s no understatement to say the industry is in an unprecedented state of change. Our app is designed to be used within the framework of the independent contractor model for taxi drivers. Over the years, the industry has continually evolved its business model attract and retain quality drivers. This directly translates into leases. Today drivers can expect a properly insured branded taxi with additional support which may include a dispatch system, airport credentials, corporate accounts and more. Today, even with all the products and services provided by owners, drivers need more.

TaxiASAP is designed to service part of the market which prefers mobile apps when ordering transportation. This new segment is the fastest growth area in an otherwise mature business. Taxi companies, in general, do not have in-house staff to produce complicated transportation apps. TaxiASAP, for example, preforms over 2000 comparisons every 20 seconds per user. There are various apps available to owners, white label or private label is common. Basically, this is an app which may or may not interface with automated dispatch. The apps are generally sold on an exclusive basis to a single operator in a market. While this exclusivity may seem appealing, when it comes to apps the reality is unless you are a cab company or a cab driver, the passenger does not care, they just want a cab. They want to know who, where and when. TaxiASAP automatically matches drivers with passengers and continuously updates both. While TaxiASAP is not intended to replace traditional dispatch and value added aspects such a time calls, credit accounts. We believe TaxiASAP will become an invaluable tool for your drivers not only to maintain the business but to grow it.