In case you live under a rock, internet-based business has been soaring throughout the world. From Amazon to Facebook ads, life is getting a lot easier through convenience. For the first time in history, most business owners are finding their social platforms to be the most affluent and convenient ways of getting their brand out there. Taxi ASAP, an IOS and Android app designated to the locals of Key West and soon Tampa, has taken a pivotal role in providing valued service and convenience door-to-door. This app, unlike Uber or Lyft, has dominated the local market of South Florida, specifically Key West.

Created by former taxi business owner JR Fogarty, Taxi ASAP was a passion project in order to help taxi drivers who have seen their numbers decrease once Uber launched nationwide. JR focuses on creating a 5-star transportation service to help not only the locals needing a ride but also the taxi drivers who depend on it for their livelihood. This has been shaking the way South Florida sees convenience by a touch of a button. Download the free app now and get where you need to go!